Yuri Kargapolov — Coordination Council for the UANIC

Yuri Kargapolov earned his MA in Radio Design and Technology from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute in 1980. His professional interests and activities have lied in  application programming, system programming and methodology.

Yuri is a Member of the Coordination Council for the UANIC, one of the developers of the administration and technical rules for .УКР IDN ccTLD. 

Since the 90s  he has built 40-plus networks on the basis of X.25/X.28, FR, IP-technologies.  Between2006 and 2011, he was holding senior positions at  the  National Commission for Communication Regulation of Ukraine and the State Administration of Communications of Ukraine.  Presently, Yuri is  Adviser to the GAC representative from Ukraine and member of the Program Committee of ENOG.

In October 2014,  Yuri was elected  the Chair of the ICANN's Cyrillic Generation Panel.

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