Julien Nocetti — French Institute of International Relations

А Research Fellow at the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI).

Julien Nocetti is a Research Fellow at the Paris-based think tank French Institute for International Relations (IFRI) since 2009. He focuses his research on the interactions between global Internet governance and foreign policy. His research interests also include the evolutions of the current Internet governance regime – particularly the current state of development of the multistakeholder process, as well as the dynamics around ICANN's role and governance. He participates in international and regional fora across Europe, and regularly publishes opinion columns in international media. He recently coordinated a special issue of IFRI’s quarterly journal Politique étrangère on 'post-NETmundial Internet governance' featuring leading international experts, and published a paper on ‘Russia and global Internet governance’ in Chatham House’s journal International Affairs.

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